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“It seems to me that later on neither I nor anyone else will be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year old school girl.” Anne Frank

The writings and wisdom of Anne Frank have spoken to generations around the world, and many have been moved to speak about impact of her words.

thirteen in 2013

Seventy years before Blogs, Facebook or Twitter, a thirteen-year-old girl called Anne Frank changed the way we see our world forever. We gave Britain's 13 year olds the chance to do the same... 

Together with The Times, we invited anyone turning 13 in 2013 to upload a personal letter to the Prime Minister, telling him what they would like to see in the world in which they are growing up.

David Cameron has publicly responded to our winning letters in an article in The Times. Read his response and some extracts from the winning letters here!

From over 1,300 entries submitted, our judging panel chose 13 outstanding letters to be submitted to the Prime Minister. They also awarded a first, second and third prize to three exceptional letters.

To listen to the Thirteen in 13 podcast click here

Our thirteen winners are:


Orli, London


Oliver, Isle of Wight


Nia, Cardiff


Abby, Essex

Bella, East Sussex

Chloe, Worcestershire

Ciara, London

Izzy, Gloucestershire

Jack, London

Kate, Oxfordshire

Pippa, East Sussex

Sasha, Cardiff

Vilte, Essex


Government responses to the letters:

The Department of Health on dementia.

The Department of Health on mental health.

Response to homelessness from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills responds to issues on child labour, the environment and excessive packaging. 

The Ministry Justice on euthanasia.

The Department of Education on childhood obesity and school food.

The Department of Education responds to the advantages of playing Scrabble.

The Department of Education's response to cyberbullying.

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport responds to the topic of body image.

The Cabinet Office on the roles and responsibilities young people play in their communities.

The Department of Education on the education system and the need for creativity and life skills.

The Department of Education's response to standards in schools.


The Thirteen in 13 campaign ran for seven weeks during May and June 2013, with entrants uploading their letters to our dedicated Thirteen in 13 website. Judging took place by a panel including popular children’s authors Justin Somper, Francesca Simon and Cathy Cassidy.




To listen to the Thirteen in 13 podcast click here



Celebrity Supporters


Cathy Cassidy


"I can't wait to see what issues and

topics they raise - and how the Prime

Minister reacts. Young people are our

future - let's listen to them!"

chris bradford

"A remarkable diary gave voice

to a girl in hiding. Now the children

of today have a unique opportunity

to have their own voices heard by

the most powerful person in the



"Anne Frank was both extraordinary

and ordinary. I think this is a brilliant

initiative: a chance both to honour

Anne's memory, and for today's teens

to write about their own lives in the

same thoughtful way."


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