Anne Frank organisations

Anne Frank organisations around the world


Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House provides a variety of online resources, together with information about visiting the secret annexe where the Frank family hid.

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Anne Frank Centre USA, New York

Promotes tolerance by providing educational programmes, exhibitions, workshops, and special events.

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Anne Frank Zentrum, Berlin

Encourages freedom, equality and democracy through programmes, events, workshops and exhibitions.

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Anne Frank Verien Österreich, Vienna

Promotes the message of Anne’s diary with workshops and other resources [note: this site is in German]

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Centro Ana Frank, Buenos Aires

Information about the work of the Centro Ana Frank [note: this site is in Spanish]

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The Anne Frank Fonds, Basle, Switzerland

Established by Otto Frank in 1963, it is the legatee of royalties from the worldwide sale of Anne’s diary. It supports charitable organisations around the world.

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